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mara asked 11 years ago

Why my one boob is bigger than the other?

Hi guys! I'm 16 years old. My one boob is bigger than the other. Should I make a plastic surgery?

Krista99 answered 11 years ago

When your one breast is bigger than the other, the condition is known medically as Polands syndrome. You can correct it through cosmetic surgery. Good luck

GoinDownTown69 answered 9 years ago

Honestly, I think your have great breasts! I have seen more than one woman with different sized breasts but I don't think it's a big deal. In my opinion, I wouldn't get any surgery.

kaleykunt answered 5 years ago

your boobs are magnificent. Dont even give it another thought. Any guy that thinks different should be made to lick a real mans load of cum off of those beautiful breasts. Dont change a thing !!!

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