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confused asked 2 years ago

can u urinate while climaxing

I get very wet when climaxing and squat a lot can u urinate when climaxing

GoinDownTown69 answered 2 years ago

Yes, it is possible to urinate while climaxing. However, It may be very possible that you are instead having a "Squirting" orgasm also known as "Female Ejaculation". There is nothing to be embarrassed about being very wet or squirting. Most men LOVE it when a woman gets very wet or squirts. If your BF doesn't like it, you may have to move on and find one that does. You should do some research on "Female Ejaculation" and "Squirting" to learn more. Also, you could always smell your wetness after your done to prove to yourself if it does/doesn't smell like your urine. No big deal. I, for one, love it when a woman gets very wet and squirts also! My balls are starting to ache just typing this out and thinking about it! :)
I hope this helps and you find some good information about Female Ejaculation.

Blacknhardlove4u answered 1 year ago

A woman said before that she loves a guy to urinate inside of her while having sex. I thought that is what you meant because I can urinate when I am completely hard inside of a woman, but I have not found a woman in real life who would like to have that done. It probably feels like a guy coming inside of her, but just with a lot of cum and lots of gushing hot fluids entering inside of her. I can imagine how that could be very exciting for a woman, but I have not done it yet to a woman because I respect all women's sexual preferences.

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