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feather36 asked 10 years ago

what does it mean when my guys tells me that he has never moaned in past sexual relationships but he does with me?

I just want to know what he means when I asked him am I the best girl he has ever had sex with and he replies no I have had better but not better sex with past partners but better in sex. Is he implying that I am still good enough but wants better with me or is he implying he wants to do different postion that will better our sex life?

WhyWhatWho answered 6 years ago

Depends. Often previous was better ... Get those hands oiled up, finger nails nicely painted, face close to dick just licking slightly very end of tip and let your imagination run wild with the handjob! Between finger , thumb over and back on his head, two hands, slowly twist up and down squeezing tight and out of the blue surprise him by going fastest and hardest you can, spit on it from time to time and always order him to look at you, in the eyes, hands move, and smile alot, almost slight laugh when he tries closing eyes, tilting head back or moans like a little girls aha! Keep rubbing his tip to stocking up and down hitting his nuts on the way down (doesn't hurt) ... And do it 3-4 times a day if your really want a moan that bad ... If that guy doesn't moan... After all of that .. Say yo bro, fuck you homie! ;) hands and mouth do the magic ... Dirty talk too , alot, don't be shy hun!

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